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Unleashing beauty throughout the Mountain West

When people first inquire about our work, the question that we hear most often is this: “Do you specialize in commercial or residential projects?”

Our answer: We are well-versed in both, but our true passion is the thoughtful design of beautiful buildings.

As a full-service architecture firm with both deep and varied experience, we have chosen not to specialize in a single project type for one reason: We view the architectural skill set not as a constraint but as an unbounded opportunity to serve others through creative and comprehensive problem solving. So, although we aren’t specialists in the traditional sense, we are laser-focused on our mission.

Outpost Architects is a full-service, modern design practice that exists to unleash beauty throughout Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. And by design, we do this through a unique process that saves our clients from unnecessary risk and regret.

To learn more, simply Request a First Meeting, and include a note that you’d like to learn more about The OA Process. No other approach compares, and our clients are the only ones who receive its benefits.

outpost architects aaron hunt

Aaron Hunt, AIA
Founder | Chief Vision Officer

Aaron is a native Texan whose professional journey began at world-class design firms in New York (Deborah Berke Partners) and San Francisco (SOM). There he gained hands-on experience with steel fabrication, high-rise construction, and an approach to making buildings that reinforced his modern sensibilities. These formative years were followed by stints in Austin and then Denver where his design, technical, and management skills were honed through the delivery of public buildings, finely-detailed private estates, and large, mixed-use developments.

Then, in 2019, Aaron launched Outpost Architects with a mission to unleash beauty throughout the Mountain West. Today, he directs all aspects of the firm’s culture and activities toward the development of people and partnerships that make this possible.

Professional accomplishments and aspirations aside, Aaron is also actively engaged in the most challenging but rewarding work of learning how to better love God and people.