Outpost Architects is a full-service architecture firm providing hands-on leadership throughout all aspects of the evaluation, design, development, coordination, and construction of our clients’ projects. We are involved early, communicate frequently, produce detailed drawings and specifications, and are fully-engaged with each project team for the duration of construction. Our process is distilled into the following four stages:





The Four Stages

The Groundwork Stage is when all of the tasks that must be finished before design can begin are completed. The focus here is on making sure that we and our clients are on the same page and have all of the information necessary to make good decisions in the stages that follow. To begin the Groundwork Stage, simply select one of the options below.

The Vision Stage is when we cast a compelling design vision that is fully-aligned with our clients’ parameters and priorities. The focus here is on defining the building form, its relationship to the site, as well as the approximate size of and relationships between the primary spaces, elements, and systems.

To this end, we offer Vision Packages that are tailored to each client’s needs and desires. Clients have us produce one, two, or three design concepts and decide how they would like us to present the concept(s) to them. Hand sketches, physical models, photo-realistic renderings, and augmented-reality experiences are among the visualization tools available.

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The Team Stage is characterized by frequent meetings and intense collaboration between all members of the project team. Product selections, drawing production, permitting, and construction all require clear, timely, and consistent communication between team members that include (but are not limited to) the client, architect, architect’s consultants, and contractor. The focus here is on documenting and constructing the project vision with excellence.

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The Results Stage is when our projects are occupied and our clients begin to receive a return on their investment. Clients should also expect to experience the peace of mind that comes with a one-year, contractor-provided warranty

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How much will it cost?

There are many factors that contribute to the total cost of a project – size, location, complexity, client goals, team composition, etc. – so the fees for a full-service architecture firm are just one consideration among many. That said, hiring Outpost Architects is frequently considered either a luxury or part of an overall investment strategy, if not both. During the Groundwork Stage, we ask each prospective client many questions so that we can have an open and honest conversation about design and engineering fees.


How long will it take?

Project durations vary widely in proportion to their size, type, and complexity, and the entire life-cycle for a project can range from just a few months to many years. The First Meeting is a great opportunity to have an initial conversation about the timeframe for your project.


Do you provide professional architectural services outside of Colorado?

Yes. Although we are a Colorado architecture firm, our vision to craft pioneering projects extends throughout the Mountain West. We are happy to talk about work in Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, among other locations.


I’m ready to move forward with the design of a custom home, but I really just want a basic set of plans that I can hand to a builder. Can you provide that instead of the higher level of service that you describe?

Admittedly, a full-service approach is not as common in single-family residential design and construction as it is in the commercial market sector, but we refuse to provide a lower level of service to our residential clients. As such, Outpost Architects only joins and builds teams with clients and contractors who understand the value of accountability for all team members throughout the entire project delivery process.


I would like to begin building a relationship with Outpost Architects. How do I start?

To begin the Groundwork Stage, simply select one of the options below. Or, just give us a call.