site evaluations

Stay on track and avoid setbacks by ordering a Site Evaluation today. We’ll identify legal constraints, potential pitfalls, and the best opportunities so you can move forward with confidence.

Scope of Service

Outpost Architects performs site evaluations by obtaining publicly available information and visiting the subject property. The results of our research are then compiled into a Site Evaluation Report that contains the following information:

  • a written description of the property (e.g. topography, foliage, access, orientation, significant geographical features, and views)
  • an aerial photo of the property
  • ground-level photos with captions
  • a list of the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) over the property and their contact information
  • an outline of the process and submittals required by each AHJ in order to obtain the necessary permit(s)
  • a list of the applicable building and zoning codes, including any local amendments
  • development constraints (e.g. setbacks, maximum building area, maximum building height, and maximum number of structures)
  • the covenants, conditions, and restrictions of the regulating homeowners’ and/or neighborhood association, if applicable
  • a list of utility providers serving the subject property and their contact information
  • the identification of at least one potential building site*
  • a written description of the apparent challenges and best design opportunities
  • recommended next steps

Site Evaluation Reports are typically between 10 and 20 letter-size pages in length and are delivered in PDF format. A Site Evaluation is a critical component of the Pre-Design phase and must be completed before any design work can begin, but completion of a Site Evaluation by Outpost Architects does not create a contractual obligation on behalf of either party to deliver or receive subsequent professional services. Please also note that a Site Evaluation Report is not a replacement for a comprehensive site survey produced by a Professional Land Surveyor. Current and prospective land owners may order a site survey either before or after ordering a Site Evaluation.

* Many rural properties have more than one viable building site, however one usually stands out as superior. On rare occasions, we encounter properties that are not buildable due to legal constraints. For these, we will share our findings and possible next steps if it appears that a path exists to relieve the legal burden.

Multiple Site Evaluations

Outpost Architects is occasionally asked to evaluate multiple properties for a given project, but only one may be ordered through our website. If you are interested in multiple evaluations then we would encourage you to Request a First Meeting before proceeding so that we can discuss your project in detail. Depending on your goals, we may be able to help you limit the number of Site Evaluations that are necessary.

Payment & Scheduling

No payment is due at this time. Upon review of your order, we will follow-up via email to provide you with service pricing, address any questions, and present next steps.